Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Prayertimes

This summer around 8 women faithfully prayed on Tuesday nights in our living room. It was spiritual warfare and each of us who prayed have tough stuff going on in our lives. Things that one cannot share on FaceBook or a blog post or even out loud to your best friends. Work, family, marriage, ministry, financial issues that do not resolve in the the way or time we expect.  It has been a sweet journey of personal transformation as we learned to bring God to our problems rather than our problems to God. We all learned the mighty power, passion and personal love God has for each one of our situations.  These precious prayer times have been joyful to our little band of prayer warriors!

Each one of us came with praise, thanksgiving, confessions and requests for our Heavenly Father. We didn't discuss, announce or rehash the requests. Instead, we began with singing hymns, praising was a stretch for some of us to learn 'new to us'-old hymns. Then we knelt, stood, or sat to pray! Wow! It was a very powerful and transforming time for each of us. Our God is real, alive and full of grace and mercy. His ways and timing are perfect. Did all our requests get answered with YES? No! Did we get unexpected answers? YES?  Each one of us grew in our trust of our loving God who cares for each detail of our lives. God is so good!!
Thank you Summer 2016 praying sisters. Those who attended and those who could not come....thank you for joining your heartfelt prayers with the group.

In a few days, I will be leaving for Zambia. It will be my 7th or 8th overseas trip this year. The LORD has sustained me through these travels and I praise Him for His care, provision and grace.
Hope to be a better blogger on this journey. Perhaps I may even be able to tell you about the faith journey that the LORD has me traveling on these days!