Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear People-Niger

Whenever I brought my camera to the hospital, people would ask me to take their picture.  Often they would ask to have a picture taken with me! This particular day, I had a lot of fun being in pictures with some very dear people at the CURE Hospital in Niger. Dr. Gary Roark on the left unfortunately got a bit of his head chopped off in the photo...he is much taller than the rest of us! Ali in the middle is all smiles. He has something to smile about! During my first week at CURE, Ali's son became extremely ill with malaria. He did not respond to the first line of treatment, so the dear little boy was admitted to the hospital for IV therapy to rehydrate him and to give the medications that would bring relief. The poor little fellow was so very low and he gave his parents quite a fright. We knew that the child could easily die from malaria....yet we put our trust in the LORD for healing as the appropriate medical care was given....trusting in God's wisdom and mercy.  By the time of the Grand Opening on October 18th. the young lad was full of health and joy!

Can you believe it? God is so good. Ali is sure that the Lord brought about the restored health of his son. How grateful I am for the mercy of the Lord in the life of this dear one.
Please pray for Dr. Gary Roark as he oversees the medical aspects of the hospital. Pray for wisdom, ingenuity with staff training, creativity when supplies are not readily available and continued progress in learning the French language. Dr. Gary has a great sense of humor and endears himself to the staff.  He is trusted and respected by all which is a huge step in developing relationships in a new country.
No wonder, I am excited for the opportunity to return to CURE Niger in January.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these precious stories from your trip. I thank God for the opportunity to pray for Dr. Roark and the staff. I agree, God is so good.