Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Wedding--A beautiful picture of Christ's love

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Guyse--Congratulations!!!
The family photo....pure joy!
Thank you to all the sweet family and friends who supported the happy couple!
December 30th was a wonderful wedding day for Marie and Zachary! It was a fairytale wedding scene....the church; Tates Creek Presbyterian and the reception venue; Lexington Country Club were still decorated beautifully for the Christmas season. I have decided that a Christmas wedding is so appropriate for Christians. Christmas is the celebration of the glory of God coming to earth as the baby Lord Jesus....a love gift to the world. For it is He, who is called Jesus who would show the ultimate love by laying down His life for sinners like me. Jesus' love for His own people called 'the church' is magnificent, extravagant and eternal.  The marriage of our dear Marie and Zachary is a picture for all who attended of these truths. Weddings are magnificent and extravagant events. As believers, we can joyfully and abundantly proclaim that marriage is a picture of Christ's love for His people.
The Lord was viewed large in the lives of Marie and Zachary as Tom Franklin reminded them of the Effort, Economy and Excitement in marriage. A good relationship takes much effort...to make it work...from both parties. The marriage relationship is not a 50%-50% partnership...the 100% sometimes is 10%-90% or 60%-40%...each marriage partner must love and be willing to make up the difference when there is a deficit. God is excited about marriage, just as newlyweds are excited about their new lives together. Excitement should not wear off but increase as the relationship develops and deepens over life experiences and time.  What a great message! Of course I have not included all that Tom said...but these were my 'take home' points! After more than 33 years of marriage...these truths still hold. Marie was a beautiful bride...exquisite in every way. She chose beautiful friends to support her on her special day. Zachary was a most handsome groom. He too chose wonderful young men to support him on his special day.  The whole experience as mother of the bride was amazing as I saw the body of Christ come together to encourage and assist this dear couple as they embark on their marriage.  There was a holy solemnity to the day and at the same time a joyfulness as dear ones joined together in celebration. Won't Heaven be grand?!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart and some lovely pictures. I wish them the best. I know it is pure joy to watch your family grow into the people God created them to be. Best Wishes to you all.