Monday, November 15, 2010

Blessings in Niger

Morning sustenance-Bread of Life, baguette and Starbucks Coffee
The hospital gate....people waiting to come in and be blessed!
One thing I learned many years ago, was that I need to have a regular daily appointment with my God and Savior. He speaks to me through the Bible and I try very hard to listen. I enjoy talking to my Heavenly Father in prayer. It is easy to get distracted though! This particular morning as I read the scriptures on the terrace of the guest house in Niamey,  my eyes were drawn to the men down on the land toiling to get rid of the weeds on the hospital property.  It was very hot, sunny and did I say hot? It was amazing to see how diligent these men were to clear the land to protect the hospital property from rodents, snakes and mosquitoes that hide in the scrub. I was reminded that I too need to clear my life of unnecessary clutter and anything that might insidiously invade my life causing heartache and harm to those around me. How wonderful to enjoy special moments in a new surrounding and be filled by God's precious words. He brings to life Biblical truths. Matthew 13 speaks about different soils that represent my heart's condition when hearing the scriptures......sometimes when I hear God's Word it is quickly snatched away by inattentiveness or distracting thoughts. Other times God's Word is taken into my life but doesn't take deep roots so when the heat of temptation or persecution comes...I've got nothing to show for it!  Sadly sometimes God's message to me is choked out by the cares and worries of life. Oh, dear....! Thankfully Jesus' parable speaks of times when my heart is prepared and ears are listening and much comes from the Word of God planted in me. It is good to be taken away from all that is familiar and be alone with the LORD. These travels for CURE International strengthen my faith and allow me to be quiet, to listen and to be filled....not just to benefit me but so that I can be a blessing to others. That is my pour out onto others the many blessings of knowing and living for Jesus Christ my Savior. Look at the faces pressed at the gate....longing for physical healing and in desperate need of spiritual healing too! Welcome dear have come to the right place!

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