Friday, November 5, 2010

What happened to the blogs?

Hello dear blog followers! If you thought that I went AWOL rest assured that all is A-OK!  Although, I managed to email quite easily from Niger, my little iPod began to act up and I could not blog after the last entry....most annoying but then, those are the sorts of things that happen with travel. It seems that perhaps the internet may have been restricted for a few days, plus a number of power outages....all making communication a bit dicey. There's the excuse and explanation for not blogging.
So here I am back in the how was Africa?  In a word GREAT!!
If you want to know more, you will have to wait until later when I download my pictures. Meanwhile, imagine everyday being in the 100's F, rusty brown sand/dirt everywhere and flat....I mean flat! Imagine being the only person in a large guesthouse.....on the outskirts of the city.....within a walled hospital compound and guarded by security officers who carry only spray cans of something.....that they say puts the intruder to sleep?!  Sure sounded dicey to me but then again.....I was surrounded and protected by my loving Father and His angels encamping round about me. Was I afraid.....not much!

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