Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it August already?

Aunt Annie loves little Anna Lee-June 2011
Anna Lee all dressed up and ready to go visiting!

Shannon and her baby girl....pool time in July!   

Joy is being cuddled by Daddy! Baby sisters are fun!
George loves the creek and throwing stones in the water!

Anna Lee is a happy baby!

George is so happy to have homemade chocolate chip cookies! Life is good!

Pappa with Marie, Anne and Naomi in Montreal
These pictures are a small sampling of our summer. May was super-exciting with my return from Niger, Marie's graduation, Marie and Zachary's engagement, Marian's wedding, three trips to Peoria. These visits were for Anna Lee's arrival.  In June we had a wonderful family week at Duck, although this year we were missing some....Mark, Shannon, George and Anna Lee, Mum, Nancy, Keith, Sarah, Aaron and Rebecca! Actually, it was quite a few! Perhaps another year we will be able to have more of the family come. July was busy with Anne's oral surgery for removal of her wisdom teeth. Several days later, Anne, Marie, my niece Naomi and I drove to Montreal....yes, drove....oh, boy, it is a long drive. Marie was the only driver besides me. We were in Montreal from Thursday evening until Monday morning. The weather was lovely and summery. We managed to squeeze in a lot....visits with Mum and Pappa, a visit to Parkside Ranch, a bit of shopping for the girls, some eating out....ok a lot of eating out and a wonderful time of worship at Rosemount Bible Church on Sunday.
In addition to all this summer activity, we drove to Lindsey Harris and Tyler Mathew's wedding in the Birmingham, Alabama area, spent time with the Guyse family (Marie's fiance's family)in Decatur and drove to Washington, DC for Paul to attend the Manchester United versus Barcelona football match (soccer in USA and Canada). Fun times have been had by all.
We are enjoying planning Marie and Zachary's wedding. Marie is doing a great joy....I am in the shadows if she needs help but she is a super organizer.
My work this summer has been to organize my study, cleaning and purging files, de-cluttering and tidying messes. It feels so good. I can do all things though Christ who gives me strength...INDEED. Although the work may not be too physically difficult I have been procrastinating. Sadly, the burden of clutter decreases efficiency and effectiveness in serving my family and the LORD. As each drawer, closet, shelf and bookcase is dealt with, there is a sense of accomplishment and joy. From a spiritual standpoint, this work is representative of de-cluttering and clearing out what is not necessary or beneficial in my life. Sometimes it is painful to throw or give away things. Yet, when I see a clear desktop, tidy shelves and orderly drawers and feels great....likewise, when I acknowledge negligence to spiritual discipline, laziness, overindulgence, pride and sinful attitudes....the clearing-out makes for a happy that is unfettered and free to soar to new heights of joyful service to my dear family and my dear Savior Jesus Christ.
August's a great summer and it's not over yet!

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