Thursday, December 6, 2012

He is Lord!

It has been such a long time since I posted a blog that it is embarrassing! Yet life has a way of happening. Seasons come and if your life is anything like mine this season....the Holiday Season  of Thanksgiving and Christmas is HUGE! The expectations that I put upon myself and allow others to put on me can be overwhelming.

What's a woman to do?

Work harder, faster, smarter? 'Skipping Christmas'?
Just Do It?
Get mad and sad then glad when it's over? about re-framing all the activities of the season within their true context?

Counting my blessings?
  • The freedom to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity
  • The circle of family, church friends and community when so many in this world are friendless
  • The abundance of food (and the need to count calories) when so many  are hungry
  • The availability of shelter when there are so many homeless even in our own cities
  • Clean water, sanitation, access to medical care....
  • The beauty and symbolism of the lights, greenery, even candy-canes!
  • Christmas music, movies and memories
  • The ability to celebrate in some fashion

Such thoughts are a balm to my frazzled attempts to make this 'a perfect Christmas'.  As I travel with Cure International, it is a privilege to learn about different cultures, how and what they celebrate. During my last visit to Niger, there was a very special holiday season called 'Tabaski'  with many festivities that are similar to our own....special meals, special ceremonies, special clothes, symbolism and so on. I will attempt to describe these in future blogs. Hope this whets your appetite!

Today, I would like to share the words to a song we sang at at simple church in Niamey, Niger, no walls,  no decorations, no frills, no distractions (except for a few cats, chickens, children and dogs strolling through)...

Rabbi no; Rabbi no
A tun ka fun buukay ra a zamma!
Kange kulu ga gurfa
Deene kulu ga seeda
Ka re: Yessu wo Rabbi no

Guess you want the translation?

He is Lord,  He is Lord
He is risen from the dead and He is Lord
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord

Grandma Maureen's lap is often full with dear children-smile!

Natalie, a sweet sister I met this visit to Niger-such strong faith and love
No walls, no worries, worship under a tree is fine!
It puts it into perspective does it not? So when the work of the holidays and the expectations get overwhelming try to hum this little chorus. Remember, Christmas is just the prelude. Our expectations and hope is for the Second Coming!  What a celebration that will be!

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus!

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