Thursday, October 18, 2012

What is the real work here?

The other day I picked up in the guest house, a slightly dusty copy of a favorite devotional of mine...My Utmost for His Highest.  It never ceases to challenge my thinking.  Hopefully moving me to deeper obedience. As I read it this morning I was reminded of something important today.....

As I visit with many wonderful missionaries I am in awe of all that they are doing. I realize my brief and small contribution is just that.....small. Arriving I felt as if I had a lot to do teaching classes, encouraging staff to higher levels of commitment and competence.....yet is that why I am here?
What is the real work? Ask around and you will get many different answers.

Yet Oswald Chambers, the author of My Utmost for His Highest suggests that PRAYER is the real work. With prayer the focus is God and knowing His mind. Work can be distracting as one gets involved in details of trying to accomplish a task. Prayer keeps us on track seeking the mind of God to understand His will and ways. 
I am so grateful to Paul, Pappa and Mum who are prayer warriors for me as I travel to far off places. There are so many of you who read this blog who pray for me constantly and pray God's Word over these visits to CURE Hospitals. May I take the opportunity to thank you for your hard work in serving the Lord and me today? Bless you all!

So did I pray all day in my nursing uniform.....of course not! But beginning each day with God's Word and prayer helps me to know how to think, speak and respond so that the Lord Jesus Christ is honored.

Got to go.....and get back to WORK :)

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