Saturday, November 1, 2014

Prayer Rounds and Gospel Choruses

This sweet grandma is making straw mats to support her family.  Her name is Tidgst or something almost unpronounceable. Thankfully her name is written in the Lamb's book of Life where spelling and pronunciation is perfect . Praying that she would be encouraged during her time at CURE.

Here is a sweet Fulani girl we call Princess Gomma! She is so pretty and works hard to strengthen her legs post treatment! I am so proud of her positive attitude! May the LORD strengthen her to grow and serve in her family and community. More importantly may she come to know the Helper and Healer of broken bones and hearts!

Oh how I love these dear patients who spend weeks and months in our hostel.
This little fellow is Abdul Karim. He was born with his fingers fused together so his hand looks like one big thumb. Our dear surgeon, has begun a series of surgeries to allow him to hold a spoon, pencil, and live reasonably independently. I met him a year ago and took pictures of him. This visit when I showed them to his mother and Abdul, they threw their arms around me. Wow, feel the love. 

Wide, wide as the ocean
High as the heavens above
Deep, deep as the deepest sea
Is my Savior's love
I'm oh, so unworthy
Still I'm a child of His care
For His Word teaches me that His love reaches me...

This is the song that I sang in English while Pastor H. translated for me in a local language. Those Sunday school songs with hand actions from Ebenezer Gospel Chapel have come in handy!!

The opportunity to share the gospel each day is such a privilege. I often use these songs to simply explain our need of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Last week I taught this chorus. It holds many Biblical truths about the atonement provided by the perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God. Do you remember this one?

Deep and wide
Deep and wide
There's a fountain flowing deep and wide
Plunge right in...lose your sin
There's a fountain flowing deep and wide

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