Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monday at CURE Niger

Monday morning drive to work was cool (for Niger) and dusty. We zipped along the new road that follows the power lines.

This young fellow had a cart with bottles of petrol  (I think for the motorcycles).

My little buddy Leon was heading to school as we were heading to the hospital. Everyone likes to cuddle something.

Coloring the picture of the GOOD SHEPHERD!

Yellow is nice!
Monday was a great start to my brief one week visit here at the children's hospital. There is always a warm welcome from the patients and staff. I feel very much at home here.  This week my theme is: Who is Jesus Christ?  The first Bible story was the parable of the lost sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He is our guide, the one who cares for us, finds us and more than that Jesus gave His life for His sheep.....His people. The Shepherd is also the lamb of sacrifice.  How strange, yet such wonderful news that there is a way to have one's sins forgiven by God....by the Good Shepherd and Lamb of God...one in the same. It boggles the mind yet brings great hope for those who are lost, lonely,  looking for hope. Jesus Christ, God incarnate loves me so much that He died in my place to pay for my sins....and yours. Have you received this great gift?

I am the good shepherd. 
The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
John 10:11

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