Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Fellowship in Niamey

Sunday morning view, driving to Banga Bana Church

Another view from the bridge

Look at all those glorious is the season for fresh veggies and salads!

Evodie and me.....she is such a sweet sister in the LORD. She is studying to be a teacher. She is teaching French at the Sahel Academy....I need to be in Evodie's class!
This is the decoration for the Christmas and New Year at Banga Bana Church.  The Christmas tree branches describe the wonderful characteristics of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ! What a great idea! This church is one of the many who were burned last January. The amazing thing is that it is now better than before. God is so good!

This dear sister Lucia is seated on the right. She invited me to visit Dorcas House for a meeting on Sunday afternoon. Sweet fellowship  was enjoyed by all.
A beautiful sister in the LORD Soula is a huge encourager to the widows. She gave us a wonderful Bible study on prayer. Thank you, are so loved and respected!
Julie Korn and me by the river for after NEWS (church service) dinner. Thank you Josh, Julie and Leon for a fun, festive and wonderful evening!

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