Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday in Niamey with Linda

Happy Saturday to all the blog readers! Last night was a very quiet one as Linda the other housemate besides me was crook...she is an Aussie and that means she was sick. It pays to speak several dialects of English....Canadian, British, Jamacian, Aussie and the most difficult of all American! Haha...even when we speak the same language we can struggle to understand expression and meanings. Back to my point...Linda was sick so we didn't think to do anything much today. However much to my delight Linda woke with just a bit of a cough and suggested we make our way to the Petite Marche as she wanted to do a little shopping. I feel very safe here but prefer to do something like this with someone else. We got a taxi easily enough and arrived at just the right spot to find quite an array of leather, brass, silver, wooden and batik crafts. We shopped and paused to pop into the grocery store for a cool drink. Then we went back to the shops for a bit. I bought a few small items and put them in my little backpack. A young man named Amadou convinced me to buy some oranges, two mangos and a pineapple for 4000 CFAs which is What? Oh brother,I just paid $8 for a bit of fruit for the week! That's almost what I'd have paid at Krogers or the time it seemed a good deal. Never was too good with the rapid calculations. Can hear my family laughing at this:)
After Linda and I made our purchases,we enjoyed a nice brunch at Amadine's an expat hangout with French pastries, gelato, European dishes and fabulous coffee. I sipped an espresso while Linda had a latte. We enjoyed omelets and baguette and finished the meal with some delicious biscuits (cookies for my American readers). Linda and I chatted heart to heart as women and sisters in the Lord. Is there anything finer than true Christian fellowship? Sally Harrison's charge to us at the Grand Opening of the hospital was Psalm good and pleasant it is for brothers (and sisters) to live together in unity.
It is such a delight volunteering for CURE International and see the partnerships and cooperation with other NGOs (non government organizations).
So all in all this has been a good Saturday and typical for many of, coffee and lunch out with your friends! As a young girl in Pioneer Girls, we learned a little song that we sang in a round...Make new friends but keep the old..One is silver and the other gold! All friends are precious! Looking forward to being with you all in USA and Canada again soon. Sure, I am missing you but I am not ready to come home until this week of surgery is completed. We have a team from Monaco coming to operate...or is it Morroco? Guess I didn't read the memo well! Atfer that...I'm coming home!
Until then, God bless you and keep you, turning His attention and grace to you, giving you peace that only He can give! Enjoy the weekend!

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