Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home from Africa! So how was your trip?

Sharing a Bible with nurse in Uganda
Cuddling a little one at the feeding center at the Mbale Regional Hospital
Little girl next to me is named Beautiful....and she is...inside and out!
Esther and Maureen...sisters for all eternity!
I am holding a newborn in a village near Niamey, Niger...proud parents on either side of me!
Holding a baby is a favorite nursing activity for this Grandma at the CURE Hospital in Niger....the baby is the son of one of the nurses.

Coming back from Africa, on February 5th was a huge adjustment in many ways. Although I have enjoyed many journeys to Africa, this one has taken me a long time to process as there were so many interesting place, people, programs and problems that I encountered. It is always a joy for me to serve the LORD and the month of January was no exception. The journey began in Uganda, where I visited the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda. It was a celebratory week for the 10th Anniversary of the hospital's opening. During that week, it was wonderful to visit a feeding center located at the Regional hospital of Mbale. It is a privilege to be involved in nutrition for the children who are malnourished and consequently poor surgical candidates. It was a joy to hold a few of the children, meet their caregivers and pray with them.
Agnes...our precious Compassion child!
Our family supports a Compassion child in Uganda, whose name is Agnes. She lives not too far from Mbale, so I took a taxi and went to the hills and visited her.  We had a great time together. Each step of this journey, I sensed the Lord's faithfulness and grace in the lives of those I visited. Before I left Agnes' home, the social worker translated for me a message from Agnes' father. He asked, 'What words of encouragement and wisdom do you have for my family?' This is when the scriptures that say to be prepared, in season and out to preach the Word to correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction....2 Timothy 4:2....comes into action. Isn't it amazing how the Holy Spirit will pour something into you so that you can pour it out on others? What a great time of sharing a few scriptures and praying for each of the family members. This family loves the Lord and are trying hard to better themselves with the support they are receiving. They are encouraging Agnes to do her best at school and press on to choose a field of study for future employment. This was my third visit with Agnes and each time I see her growth and beauty as a young woman who loves the Lord. She sings beautifully for me each visit too! 
After a  precious week in Mbale, Uganda, we drove overland to Entebbe to the airport and I flew to Nairobi, Kenya and overland to Kijabe to the AIC-CURE Children's Hospital of Kijabe. I will write more about that in another post. Suffice it to say that it was a most interesting, informative and precious time with dear friends from Montreal, Quebec, Canada days and with the CURE staff. The week at Kijabe was much better than I expected it to be.
The next phase of my trip was full of travel challenges....due to mechanical problems, I had to stay in Nairobi for an extra night and Paris for two nights awaiting a connecting flight to Niger.
I'll post more of this another day....meanwhile, I want blog readers to know that God showed Himself real, strong, faithful, dependable, merciful and gracious in the midst of all these comings and goings! What a mighty God we serve!

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