Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lessons from Ballet

Most of my blog readers know that I have a daughter who dances at Birmingham Southern College. She is a wonderful picture of perseverance through tough times like breaking a leg and other injuries. What amazes me is the courage, strength and flexibility that she has developed since she began dancing at 14 years old. Last night was movie night at the Negrini household. We ate delicious open faced sandwhiches of pate, salami and fromage et tomate! (I am mixing my languages) after a Children's movie the adults watched 'White Nights'. It was an interesting story and all the way through I thought of Marie. The courage, strength and flexibility made me realize that these are the same characteristics that I need as I serve the Lord here in Niger and anywhere He sends me!
Once again I am enjoying the challenges and variety of the work at the hospital. Indeed I need courage this week in the midst of travel challenges, delays and security issues. Joshua 1:9, Psalms 27. The Lord is with me and I need not be afraid. Psalm 94:19 is my constant mediation.
Certainly, I have needed physical strength in the daily 100 plus temperatures (it's the cool season!) As the oldest one here, I need strength to keep up with the younger ones :) Colossians 1: 11,12. Finally, I am always aware of the need to be flexible just like Marie as she stretches, leaps and dances. What does Flexible mean? In the realm of missions, flexibility means servant leadership. It means willingness to put aside personal agendas for the Lord's plans for my days here...personally and professionally! John 14:23
Advice for the day...'dance' for Jesus with courage, strength and flexibility!

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