Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where in the world is Maureen?

Where's Waldo, I mean Maureen?  It has been ages since I wrote a bit for this blog! Well, I am still in the USA, but not for long! By this time next week, I will be in Niamey, Niger. This will be the third trip to the CURE Children's hospital in Niger. I am so excited. Each venture to Africa is an opportunity to serve God as I serve CURE staff, caregivers and patients.
What do I do there.....? If you have followed this blog before, you know that it is about building relationships in the daily functioning of the hospital. Yes, I go in the operating room and watch surgeries, observing nursing care, making list of supplies, helping the nurses in any way I can. Remember, this hospital is only a few months old and there are many things to consider in a new facility. The nurses deliver patient care in two main areas, called the bloc and the pavilion. In the bloc the nurse are responsible for the operating room equipment, sterilization, supplies and assisting the surgeon and anesthetist in the peri-operative and immediate post-operative periods.  The nurses in the pavilion are responsible for patient care including; admission to the hospital, orientation for patient and caregiver, preoperative preparation, postoperative care and discharge planning/teaching. Nursing is more than just techniques of dressing changes, cast care, vital signs and surgical care. Each patient and their caregivers are precious souls that are in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 This past visit in January, I had a great time getting to work alongside Pastor Hassane. We visited the patients and their caregivers in the hospital and the annex called the 'masion de passage'. The annex is really a hostel for long term patient management. This dear little one has a cleft lip and palette. She is two years old and rejected by her village. Consequently, she was very malnourished. With a special diet and attention, she will be ready for the cleft repair soon. The happiest part of the story is that the parents were so astonished at the love and care given to them. The gospel was preached to them through loving care for the whole family. Pastor Hassane explained that the care was given to them in the name of Jesus. We had many happy prayer times together. Please pray for this dear little girl. She is going to be so beautiful as the cleft repair work is done.
Every visit, I am reminded that the nursing, medical, practical care that is given to the patients and their caregivers, is a means of showing love and ultimately an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although this is a Muslim country, there is an openness and eagerness to learn more about the Lord Jesus. Often language is a barrier as many patients speak neither English or French. Praise God that Love is the Universal language.
As I go next Monday, please pray for more opportunities to share Christ's love!

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