Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Safely in Niger!

How I love You, LORD!
You are my defender.
The LORD is my protector;
He is my strong fortress.
My God is my protection,
and with Him I am safe.
He protects me like a shield;
He defends me and keeps me safe.
Psalms 18:1,2
These verses were prayed over me today by a sweet sister in the Lord. There is a faithful circle of beloved ones who hold me up in prayer each time I travel for CURE International.
How lovely to have the words of our living God prayed over me.
Do I need some special protection?
Although, I feel safe there are many dangers in travel and West African countries at the moment. Niger is enjoying a time of peace. The new President is being inaugurated tomorrow.
It will be a public that would get most people's vote!
We will have rounds in the morning but no specific duties. Instead I will continue to unpack and distribute the stuff I brought for the missionary families.
It is 96 at 8:30pm. No, I do not have AC on. I have a ceiling fan that makes me feel refreshed.
I got back from the hospital late today as the surgeries and post op rounds took some time. It is a learning curve for all. Everytime there is a new procedure or different type of anesthetic, the nurses must learn new nursing care plans to safely take care of their patients. It is particularly challenging when it is new to Angele(nurse from France) and me too! This is when I send up those arrow prayers and ask my Heavenly Father, the Great Physican for His wisdom and help.
It is so good to lean on the everlasting and almighty arms of the LORD. He is the helper and protector!
It is so good to be back. Already I can see the influence of Angele, a Christian nurse from France upon the ward nurses. What joy to see answers to prayer.
Well, if everything is progressing why would I need protection?
I need protection against....
Physical sickness
Spiritual discouragement
Physical dangers...
I need encouragement and eyes to see the blessings and improvement..
I need to be encouraged that I am in the right place at the right time to bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ.
Do I worry being alone in this big guest house?
In a word...NO!
My Savior is with me. He is my refuge! Who else could turn to?

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