Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday in Zambia-Same and Different

This is the church service program we received upon entering the sanctuary-SAME
Pastor giving the children a Bible lesson during the service-DIFFERENT

Wooden cross at the front of the church-SAME

Sunday morning came early for us after arriving very late on Saturday night. However, wild horses couldn't keep us from wanting to attend church and worship the LORD with our Zambian brothers and sisters. A, M & I were picked up by Tim and Melissa Ebbers. We attended St, Columbus Presbyterian Church. What is so exciting about attending church in another country is to observe the similarities and differences.  What a joy to know that we worship the same triune God, Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit! Since we are members of a presbyterian church in Kentucky, there were many similar aspects of the service. We said the Lord's prayer, the apostles' creed, and the appropriate responses to scripture. We participated in communion which was so special as we contemplated the significance of sharing this sacrament with fellow believers from across the world from Kentucky. We worship a BIG and FAITHFUL God who has provided us with a WONDERFUL SAVIOR who gave us these symbols to remember Him. This church remembers the LORD JESUS in communion weekly which is different to the practice at the church we attend in Kentucky. 

The dear brothers and sisters who had leadership roles in the church, they wore kind of a uniform. It was interesting to see the women and men who were elders wearing outfits that identified them.
The choir wore purple robes---that was different. 

As visitors we were given the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves. After our introductions the congregation greeted us with rhythmic clapping--that was different. Our church is so big, one could visit and they might not be recognized as a visitor.

After the service, the congregation shared a cup of tea and scones. There were samosas for sale too! Now how many people at our church would even know what a samosa is??? That is a different snack!

I could go on and on....however, the similarities are more obvious...the unity of the BODY of CHRIST unites us aside from the various differences in form and style of worship.

We were so blessed by joining together with our dear fellow believers in Zambia.

After church we went to Tim and Melissa's home for lunch....sweet hospitality was enjoyed by all.
Sunday lunch with family and friends is such a tradition for us....SAME!!

It was a blessed day!!

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