Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Longest Plane Ride....EVER!!

Greetings from Lusaka, Zambia!!

Angela & Michael Rehorn and I were trying to decide on a good name for a blog while we were traveling. Of course 30 plus hours of traveling with little to no sleep can make one a little silly!

Why are we calling this the longest plane ride ever?

Check in at LEX-3 hours ahead

Flight to Detroit-1 hour
Layover in Detroit-4 hours
Flight to Amsterdam-7 hours 55 minutes
Layover Amsterdam-2 hours
Flight to Harare, Zimbabwe-9 hours 54 minutes
Layover in Harare-1hour (or so)
Flight to Lusaka-40 minutes

Immigration line in Lusaka- 1 hour 30 minutes

Waiting for luggage-0 minutes

Drive from Lusaka airport-30 minutes

Total number of hours to get to Beit-CURE Zambia=??

I am too jet lagged to add this up....I tried to get Michael to add it for me but he is busy playing 'football' (soccer for the USA). However, it is at least 30 hours!!

We were grateful that the trip was uneventful. We were grateful for KLM for their attentiveness and delicious food!! (Yes, we got fed...unlike on most domestic flights).

We are grateful for so many things during this long journey.......
*companionship of A&M
*no extra baggage charges
*no illness
*no plane delays
*no custom duties
*no drama, trauma.....
*every prayer answered for our journey!

So although the title sounds like we are complaining....we are not.  Instead we are saying that in this extremely looooong trip we witness the goodness and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father!!

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