Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Basic Life Support

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  Job 33:4

Practicing techniques of CPR
Poor old 'Resusie Annie'

Today was a teaching day. The class was called Basic Life Support.  I am always amazed at the idea that someone who is having a heart attack, breathing problems or some such crisis can be helped by these simple techniques. It seems so presumptuous to say that we are bringing our patients back to life. I am so aware that all of life originates with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!
I usually preface the classes with two stories recounting how some non-medical people were able to 'save a life' as they used the correct techniques. The first story is about my Mum who took a first aid course with some CPR training. She was able to do the right thing when my Pappa Jack Dawson had a major heart attack in 1989 when they were at their lake house. The second story is about Deborah Lander, a violinist who collapsed on a Lexington street and suffered sudden death. She was kept alive by a couple of people who were passing by.  They were not medical.  She is alive and well and playing her beautiful music again.

There are a few things that I enjoy about these classes. One is that the students are motivated to help. They are keen to help people who are having a health crisis.....that's why most of my students are nurses, doctors, or hospital staff of some sort. Secondly, I enjoy these classes as I can see the participants mastering the skills that they are taught. Thirdly, these classes make me aware that life is precious and fragile. We must handle it with care.....and prayer!

Life is a wonderful gift.......may mine be a reflection of my Heavenly Father who gave me physical and spiritual life! Thank you dear Lord Jesus for your sacrifice so that I might have eternal life with you.

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