Monday, April 20, 2015

God's Love in Sunday Worship-April 19

African Worship is so lovely! It is very expressive, colorful and passionate.......and I'll admit a tad long and hot yesterday. I appreciate how these dear brothers and sisters worship with all that they have.....their best clothes, their best voices, their best offering...Praise the LORD! Even if I did not understand all the different languages spoken, the language of God's love amongst Brothers and Sisters in Christ was understood clearly

Clap your hands, all you nations;
Shout to God with cries of joy.
How awesome is the LORD Most High,
The great King over all the earth.
Psalm 47:1

The singing was so impressive.....this is a group of widows who are praising God for providing a way for us to be saved and for providing for our daily needs! It was lovely.

This is one of the chairs that was donated by some Christians after the burning of the church in January. The congregation was so grateful for the generosity of believers around the world who have helped Banga Bana Evangelical Church. FYI these nice plastic chairs are on the women's side of the church......the men have the repainted metal chairs:)

The man with the colorful pants (eat your heart out Suffs!) works with an organization that trains coaches and athletes. He was making a presentation. I could not help but appreciate the effort it must take to do any kind of sports activities in this heat! (120 F on Saturday). Sports are an important part of the local culture. What a great way to share the Good News!

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