Friday, January 17, 2014

Challenges, Changes and Confirmations!

It has been a challenging first week in Mbale, Uganda with respect to blogging. As much as I tried to blog, the WiFi Internet service could not support some of the sites I needed like FaceBook and Blogger. It is easy to get frustrated with things like was a huge challenge as I wanted to communicate. Yet it was a busy week of training and reorienting to this hospital that mean so much to me.
So now that it is Friday and I have been fitted with a better WiFi I am ready to share, what the Lord has been doing in my life so far this week.

There have been many changes in the hospital since I was here three years ago. There are new buildings, new staff, new ways of handling the patient population which is growing......What has not changed is the deep devotion to the mission of bringing the gospel and healing to children born with disabilities. 

This particular hospital is neurosurgical meaning it serves children who are born with or develop hydrocephalus or born with spina bifida or other conditions related to the spine and brain. We serve some children who have brain tumors and so on. It is super specialized! I am not a neurosurgical nurse! Yet, with my nursing background and training, there are some things that are common and basic to all areas of nursing care.

My particular interest is developing each CURE Nursing Department to function with a Christian Worldview. Essentially, I am training nurses to think in a Biblical way. As we think, we speak and we act! We behave what we truly believe. It is a challenge to think God's thoughts and His way because His thoughts and ways are higher than yours and mine.

Today I had the joy of sharing the Christian Worldview of Nursing Seminar with nine very special nurses. We had good discussions all together and in groups. We used the Bible as our resource as we reviewed and discovered important aspects of Christian Character, Values and Perspective that should direct our Nursing Practice.
Exploring the scriptures in groups

Discovering what God values....and so should we!

Clophus sharing what his group discovered regarding Christian Character

Clophus challenging his fellow nurses to practice nursing with Christian Character, Values and Perspective

 It has also been my joy this week to train the auxiliary staff in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). It was a lot of fun! The staff were so excited and enthusiastic........
Grace has been my right hand this week! She is the Assistant Nurse Manager! What a joy!
Learning how to do CPR on infants

That's me getting set for  CPR classes!
All in all it has been a great week even without the Internet access to blogging etc. It is a sweet confirmation from the LORD to speak to staff and hear how helpful the training is to them. Each session various ones share how they enjoy learning and how they are going to put into practice what was learned. 
I am so excited to see how the nurses put into practice the thoughts and ideas they learned about in the CURE Christian Worldview of Nursing Seminar. To God Be the GLORY!!

Red Sea Rule #2 

Be more concerned for God's glory than for your relief.

* I am learning!

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