Friday, January 10, 2014

On my way to CURE Uganda

I am re-reading Robert J. Morgan's book, The Red Sea Rules. It is a timely read for practically any time of our lives, but particularly when we are in difficult times.

Am I in difficult times?

  • Returned on Wednesday morning from a wild and crazy overnight drive from Montreal
  • Reeling from the loss of our dear Pappa on December 23rd
  • Overwhelmed with the emotions of reunions and finality of Pappa's homecalling
  • Realizing that I had Pappa for 28 years and my Dad for 22....Paul's Dad for 6!
  • Feeling bereft!!
Wondering what I am doing going to Africa right now!


Red Sea Rule # 1  
Realize that God means for you to be where you are!
 Andrew Murray has been attributed to writing in his journal:
Let me say I am here,
  1. By God's appointment
  2. In His keeping
  3. Under His training
  4. For His time 
It is encouraging for me to see that God has a purpose and plan for these 'difficult' times. What amazes me is that each trip to Africa, I get to experience the wonder of God's divine appointments and arrangements.
For example, my son Mark says that it is remarkable that he has been available to take me to the airport the last few trips. Secondly, even though I weighed my bags at home....only one was overweight. It just happened to be the bag with the 48 copies of The Red Sea Rules.  As I scrabbled to move the excess weight to my carry-on, I got into a conversation with the ticket agent. She wanted a copy of the book which I gladly gave her with a quiet prayer that it would bless her. Another agent began to ask me about Africa and CURE International. As I tried to repack the carry-on, I couldn't get one other book in.....I pulled out one of my CURE cards and put in the book and gave it to him.
Yes, I am here by God's appointment. I am in His keeping, safe and trusting in Him. The Lord is always training me to be aware of His divine presence and purposes that are so far above my self-centered concerns. 
Going to Uganda or any CURE assignment as a Nurse Consultant is never about the is always about people......ticket agents, fellow passengers and airport personnel too. My testimony for the LORD must be here at home before I can take it overseas!

   Can't wait to get to Mbale!! This trip has started with God's faithful help and I know I can count on it all the way!


  1. What a blessing you are to many! Thank you for loving Jesus so much that gives you the love and compassion for people both at home and abroad.

  2. I am so glad you gave us a copy of The Red Sea Rules back in 2011! I have read and re-read it so many times! Praying for all the divine appointments you will have in Uganda (and the journey to and from Uganda as well). Julie