Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bubbles, boys and books....all blessings!

Tuesdays are consultation days at CURE Niger.  Every bench and chair was filled when I arrived at the hospital this morning. Every patient comes with at least one family member, so it can be hard to find the one needing care.....often they are hidden under burkas or drapes of beautiful fabric....some like to run behind skirts of run off to play with little stones, sticks or clumps of dirt...whatever they can find.
Before we dive into the daily hospital work, we begin with staff devotions. Sadly they are sometimes poorly attended. We used to get more staff when the music was a part of the gathering. Yet, how lovely to have Josh sharing from God's Word in Acts 15....what a blessing to be reminded to not put a strain on new believers with rules and regulations that were never intended to be a part of salvation. Christ died for our sins and He has not imposed extra laws to our lives....the law is the mirror and school master showing us our need of a Savior.  He is all perfection-right-ness for us.

After devotions we visited patients in the ward (Pavilion) and Hostel.  Christine comes laden with bubbles and joy in the LORD. The children go crazy trying to burst the bubbles as they fly into the sky.  The little guy in the green was particularly enthusiastic!! Even with one hand bandaged from a severe burn.
A group of thirty or so children came from far away for cleft repairs. They too go excited for the bubbles...see how obedient they are sitting on the mat together. These are such precious children. Oh how I pray that they will know God's love for them.

After the bubble fun.....I went to the consultation clinic 
and spent some time with the anesthesia nurses. Diane Lawrence had encouraged a young man Amadou, whose first wife died when he began his training at CURE just two years ago.  He is delighted with the book she sent, as you can see.

We saw several patients and examined them for readiness with respect to anesthesia during their surgical experience. It was quite an ordeal for the small ones who clearly did not like seeing strange faces.....especially my white one!
So many needs!

Your love , O LORD reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep. O LORD, you preserve both man and beast. Psalm 36:5, 6

So there it is folks....day 2 at CURE Niger. It was a full day as the afternoon was spent preparing the equipment for the class which starts tomorrow.

I can honestly say that the Lord is my helper and strength.
He is my hope for the future.

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