Friday, October 5, 2012

October...that means packing for Niger!

Duomo in beautiful...Glory to God in the highest!!

It has been a long time since I posted anything in this blog.....what on earth is going on since I returned from Niger in May?
It has been a most full are a few highlights and low-lights! 


Paul by  La Scalla Opera House in Milan
  • Philadelphia, Boston, Milan for Paul's work
  • Peoria, Tuscaloosa, Smith Lake, AL, Montreal for family visits
  • Duck, NC and Hilton Head SC for rest and family vacation
  • Lemoyne, PA and St. Louis for ministry refreshment 
Parnell sisters enjoying Love Life!

End of summer fun!

Bubble Machine at Grandma's

Mark receiving his diploma and award graduating from University of Illinois Emergency Medicine program
Shannon is Mark's ever faithful, supportive, sweet, hardworking wife and excellent mother of our grandbabies!  

Enjoying the summer in KY!
  • Shannon and Mark (and the children) moved back from Peoria to Lexington!
  • Mark's graduation from Emergency Medicine Residency
  • Anne's great success in her Step One exams (scored in top percentiles of USA)
  • Maire's dream job of teaching ballet at a classical Christian School
  • Shannon's fantastic parenting and organization during move back to Lexington
  • Zachary's success in the University of Alabama Law School and being selected for junior editor of the Law Journal
George is ready with his power tools!
Anna Lee embracing life in KY
George and Anna Lee, our grandbabies are living across the street from us!

Zachary and Marie embracing University of Alabama Football
Celebrating Anne's great scores and niece Rebecca's starting @ Dental School!

More Rejoicing!
Can't wait to hold my dear little ones overseas!

Serving with Joy!

  • September 13th the Missionary Committee of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church listened to the presentation of God's call on my life to work with CURE International. I was lovingly prayed for and will be commissioned on Oct 7th at the 11 am service. What a great answer to prayer!
  • Was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Beshear (grace gift!) 
    Please don't call me Colonel or ask for KFC!!


Pappa is all decked out in University of Kentucky blue...matches his eyes!
Paul loves Pappa.  His own parents have been long gone to be with the LORD. He is very attached to Mum, too who is ever faithful in caring for Pappa since they married 27 years ago!
Dear Pappa and Mum--4 years since his big stroke
Even though Pappa couldn't remember our names he knew that he liked being with us and loved us!

  • Visiting Pappa in Montreal and seeing loved ones overwhelmed with fatigue and care issues---feeling the distance.....needing Mum in Lexington more!
  • Dear friend, sister and 'second mother' Amy King fractured her back after successful knee surgery and is painfully rehabilitating at Tanbark, a local health center.
  • Wanting to do more with less energy :)  
  • Need continued prayer for all these needs and concerns....I know I can count on those of you who read this to pray!
  So What's the bottom line?

People will always take precedence over packing!
Relationships are more important than having it all pulled together!
 Serving the Lord in Africa is all of God's grace-even the motivation to go comes from Him!
For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Philippians 2:13

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Praying for your trip to Niger.