Saturday, April 13, 2013

A very warm welcome to Niger!!

It is a great joy to be writing this blog from Angele's apartment in Niamey, Niger. The journey started with a little excitement but the remainder was very calm and pleasant.
When I arrived at LEX our regional airport, I was told that my 5 bags could not go on the smaller commuter jet to Atlanta. Previously, I have not had any problems...but then I guess I was flying larger jets.  After a lot of arrow prayers and Patty Pennington's texted prayer, I felt calm enough to handle the situation. My choices were: 
1. Taking 4 instead of 5 bags (too late...everything packed was needed)
2. Leaving the following day on an early morning flight (would mean arriving a day later)
3. Driving to Cincinnati for a 5:40 pm flight (I would have to get there on my own expense)
Thankfully my brother Keith was available to drive me. What a blessing that was as Paul was stuck in meetings!
Keith and I had a great drive up chatting and sipping Starbucks!
I can honestly say that I was very calm about the whole thing....I knew the Lord would take care of the situations one way or another.
I had two delightful with a Holocaust survivor and another with a gentleman working in the oil business in Africa. The first gentleman I was able to share my love of the Lord with him and pray for him. The second gentleman was a believer and prayed over me!! By the time I got to Niger, there was and is no doubt in my mind that this trip will be an extra special, Divinely appointed and orchestrated one. Perhaps when we look for God's Presence and touch more diligently, it is more recognizable. Those of you who know me, know that my life is exciting enough and I don't need any more!
As I unpacked I had a sinking feeling that I was missing something....the training DVD in French for the Basic Life Support classes I am teaching. Oh, oh....I laid in bed wondering if I forgot it, failed to pack it, left it behind, was robbed of it in transit.....? What happened to it?
Friday staff devotions gave me an opportunity to ask for prayer regarding this matter. To make a long story short, right after prayer time, the missing DVD was presented to me! Praise the LORD!!!
Yes, it was a warm 40 Celsius something welcome. We have some AC at the hospital but do not use it for sleeping....yes, it is hot...I really don't mind it that much...must keep hydrated though. Wow! What a great start! Divine encounters, disappearing DVD's and Dear Friends at CURE! I am blessed!!

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