Monday, April 22, 2013

Part 2- Baby Dedication Sunday

Everyone wants to have a turn at holding the dear baby-this is Nurse Amina

This is Nurse Neffissa, she has been married for one week, but wants to see what it feels like to hold a newborn!

This man is a natural with babies....he is Abdullay, works as a cook at the hospital....a true nurturer. He is such a sweetheart! He came to church even though Christianity isn't his religion. He is so sensitive and a blessing to our hospital.

This sweet Christian couple have been married a year and are expecting their first baby soon. They asked to hold the baby to get some practice!! Habib works with me at the hospital. He is a great help to me in many ways.

Family photo with the grandparents

Don't forget me!! I'm the big brother!! I remember holding this little boy when he was just weeks old! I've seen him grow into a sweet 3 year old. He is charming and so delightful. He has wonderful Christian parents!

Hassane and Ali politely wait for lunch to be served after church.

Angele went for the African look on Sunday

This was our communal pot of ice water which we dipped communal cups while we waited for lunch to be served. We were seated under a canopy to shade us from the sun...but it was still quite hot. Lunch was served inside.....Part 3!

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