Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Dedication-Celebrations!

We waited for the parents and baby to arrive....like awaiting for the bride and groom at the wedding...We chatted and enjoyed being together outside of the hospital. It was so heartwarming to see nearly every nurse attend the celebrations.

Angele ingeniously wrapped her gift in a reusable bag from Fayette County heating and cooling company. I gave my version of a baby gift card....CFAs Central African currency FRANCS :)

We were ushered into a home where we were royally served huge platters.....one between 3-4 people. Upon a bed of rice, there was a sauce made of eggplant, olives, onions, piment doux and fort.....sweet and hot peppers....the platter was crowned with a piece of lamb shank......delicious! We ate with our fingers.....I managed to get rice everywhere! We were each given a small bottle of juice to go with our meal.....very generous!!

We squished in every corner possible. It was a lot of fun....we got to be inside with fans.....the rest of the guests were served outside......they had some kind of doughy stuff with a fish sauce. I think the hospital staff were considered close family and served special platters.

Here are three pregnant nurses sitting on a couch. Haoua, Djamilla and Clarisse....so excited for them! Children are considered such a blessing to these families.

Natalie is a sweet sister in the LORD! She is one of the nurses who is so nurturing and cares for each of us so generously. She planned a surprise birthday party for Angele the Thursday previous to this Baby Dedication Celebration. I love Natalie so much! She means so much to the CURE nursing team.

Every party has a photographer!!

It is hard to see but this is the kitchen central for all the food at the celebrations! These dear women are outside in the sun tending the fires and pots! They deserve a medal for all their labors.....or at least an afternoon in an air conditioned room!

The parking lot outside the parent's home.....canopy is what we sat under until lunch time. A super time was had by all! What a great joy to enjoy a time of fellowship and friendship last Sunday afternoon! God bless Leonie, Wilfred, Adora and Issac!!!

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