Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday Musings

Mondays are usually full days at the hospital. Today was no exception. I was training nurses in Basic Life Support (BLS or SIR) in French. Wow, we had a great time. I love these nurses. They want to learn and improve their skills.  We are using some very old but basic equipment and manage to do all that we need to do with them. I am hoping to have better mannequins next time I come. The AED is English so had to translate instructions....kind of hilarious!

Resuscitating an adult with 2 rescuers

One rescuer

Rescuing a newborn

Team work in BLS for babies
 Love my time here with the nurses! It is so pleasant and yet challenging to bring new knowledge and to raise standards to the nursing department at CURE Niger. I am grateful for this opportunity!

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