Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forever Friends

One great joy of serving the LORD with CURE International is meeting some of the most amazing people.  Josh and Julie are a couple that I have grown to love over their time in Niger. We began our acquaintance when we stayed at the CURE guesthouse together. We talked over tea and treats from the USA. How could a young married couple be so nice to an itinerant visiting nurse? Why? The answer lies in the bond of Christian love.  Regardless of our age differences, educational backgrounds, life experiences......we share a common love for God and the people of Niger.  Specifically, we love working with the dear ones that come to the CURE hospital for children in Niamey, Niger.  Josh is a Spiritual Director at our hospital. He is such a good pastor and Bible teacher. Julie is a very gifted art therapist. The children are so excited to express themselves through painting, drawing and any other art forms Julie dreams up for them!  Beyond my admiration for their professional and ministry skills, I am delighted that we share a warm friendship. Each visit is richer and more precious. I am so blessed to know each one of them.
Last Friday, we enjoyed an evening of pizza made my Josh, cole slaw and cookies by Julie....but more than the food....we had a super time of fellowship with Julie's special friend Naomi. What a joy to play with Leon, Josh and Julie's (soon to be adopted son) Leon. What fun!!
So blessed with these dear friends!! God bless them everyone......what a gift friendship is in a foreign land....with these dear ones I feel right at home!

Josh is Mr. Pizza Man! Wow, he makes a fabulously delicious pizza :)

Maman Maureen enjoying some Leon time!

Wheee! Flying baby Leon!  

Can I get down now?

This little guy is so adorable! I am missing my grandkids so much!

We ate so many pizzas....I lost count!
Josh at work at the hospital with Pastor Hassane
Art Therapy with helpers from Sahel Academy

Naomi on the left, Leon, center, Julie on the right.....such dear women!
 Casts ready for Julie's artistic touch...it is rare to see the plain while casts on CURE hospital campus for too long! Paints and glitter make them beautiful pieces of art.


  1. Wow, I'm so touched by your kind words. Maureen, You help keep us going! We are so blessed to have you here and I honestly can't imagine what it would be like if we didn't have your visits to look forward to! You are such a blessing to us all! We love you!

  2. Awww Maureen what a lovely post! ...and not just because we're all in it ;) It was so great to meet you and spend some time getting to know you. an special friend of Josh and Julie's is a special friend of mine! See you in Israel!!