Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Showers of Blessings in the Sahara Desert!

There shall be showers of blessing,
This is a promise of love,
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Savior above.


Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need,
Mercy drops round us are falling,
but for the showers we plead.

It may seem silly to talk about showers in a desert during the dry season but the showers of God's grace and mercy during this last trip to Niger were plentiful!!  My dear sister Ruth sent the words of this precious hymn to me on Day 16 of my trip....two days before I left. What perfect timing to reflect upon all the goodness and kindness of the LORD!!
Was everything perfect at the hospital? No!
Were there obstacles to to the patient care? Yes? Unexpected infections and illness of staff surfaced which slowed the work to a halt.  There were challenges on all fronts.
So how can I say that I experienced 'showers of blessing'? 
Sometimes the blessings come disguised as problems.....there is a wonderful song about that by a Christian,  I believe is named Laura Story. I heard her testimony at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. We expect blessings to be manifested in a perfect, pretty life....no struggles or problems.  What I learned afresh and in a deeper way was that the LORD is ALWAYS with us. He is ALWAYS ready to reveal His power, love and goodness. Sometimes we have to look hard and may never understand His ways but He is there. He is the God who is I AM....I AM....I AM...."I am always with you, I am always loving you, I am always forgiving you, I am always keeping my promises, I am always giving wisdom when you ask for it, I am always giving peace that passes understanding, I am always keeping your mind guarded....."

It seems the sooner we learn to lean on the LORD in the midst of our struggles, the sooner we recognize the evidences of His real presence. We may not understand the problems, storms or dry spells in our lives but I can testify that clinging to Jesus Christ is the only way to make it through...believing His promises!! 
I experienced showers of blessings as I had fellowship with dear missionaries in Niamey! 
The reality of their daily walk with the LORD was evident. Their honesty, their transparency and their genuine love of the LORD JESUS CHRIST was such an encouragement one like me! Oh how I love each one of them. These are a precious family to me as we shoulder together in the proclamation of God's kingdom and saving grace.
On my last evening in Niger, I experienced showers of blessing in the desert as I went to the dunes for fun times around a campfire and under the stars. The beauty of God's creation filled all of us with Thanksgiving and joy in being connected to the LORD and each other through Jesus' sacrifice.  Joy!!!
Aunty Maureen with the Negrini family...love these kids so much!

Liz and Julie with me in the middle....precious sisters!!

Josh and Julie with dear Leon....celebrating one year as a family!
Chuck and Liz....precious new and dear friends! Next year in Jerusalem....!

Anne and I are enjoying the sunset and spaciousness of the dunes.

JF started the fire better than a boy scout! We were so impressed.

Angele and I have become very close over the past three years working together. I am so proud of her accomplishments with the nursing staff at CURE. She has sacrificed her health to serve abundantly to proclaim the good news!

You would think you were in Kentucky with the ATVs! We were afraid they would take away the dignity and repose of our picnic, but thankfully, they stopped for a long dinner!

What a beautiful sunset! The glory of our Great God and His Creation is evident in these showers of blessings in the desert!

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