Friday, April 15, 2011

CURE Hopital d' enfants au Niger

Playing is a part of the healing!

Even teenagers find healing at CURE

Salamatou weighed 4.4 kilograms at 2 years old in January-very malnourished due to her cleft.

Now look at Salamatou's belly sticking out as she is held by her papa! She is now 7.8 kilograms....I'd say the plumping program is sucessful along with the surgery!

Happy weekend, everyone! God is at work at CURE in Niger. It is a great privilege to be a small part of this great work. I am learning much about the culture. It is a joy to  mentor the nurses....a lot must be taught. The nurses have never had an opportunity to see how Christians treat patients....with the love, compassion, patience of Jesus.  Jesus taught well and touched people with gentleness. Everywhere He went Jesus showed His kindness and goodness. Oh, that we as nurses at CURE would be more like Jesus!  

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