Friday, April 8, 2011

Post-script on Friday, April 8th 2011

What in the world could be interesting about a photograph of a washing line full of clothes?

This photo shows the hospital washing line, with the perimeter wall in the background and the few trees and vegetation growing in this hot, hot and hotter environment. Some of you might think that this photo is insignificant but I love its symbolism....meaning...what?
On the line there are two sets of uniform shirts; green and orange...on the left. On the right side of the picture are sets of hospital uniforms.

For me this washing line shows the unity of the CURE staff. They work and play together....

staff and management
men and women
Moslem and Christian
young and old
expatiate and national
educated and uneducated
rich and poor

Itsn't this a picture of the impartiality of our God and Savior Jesus Christ? He came to save all those who call upon His name for salvation. He draws people from every lifestyle, every tribe and nation...making a people of His very own.  In Christ there is no favoratism, no partiality...John 3:16...whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life! Oh, what a Savior! Everytime I travel, I am blessed as I learn to appreciate the Lord Jesus Christ, more and more. So, don't you like the photo better now?

P.S. I was asked to play soccer with the staff this afternoon after you think this grandma could keep up......or not?

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