Friday, April 15, 2011

A Special Friend

Today I would like to give a special mention of a dear friend....most of you know how special you are to me!! So it's high fives for Glenna today!
Glenna Callihan and I have known each other practically since I moved to Lexington, KY. Our youngest were in the same 1st grade class together. Indeed her son was so 'taken' with my daughter that he wanted to marry her because she 'was a good Christian and didn't smoke'! Glenna and I are still laughing about that one. Since those early days, Glenna and I have crossed paths weekly for many years through Bible Study Fellowship. Glenna was my faithful piano player. She would make the piano sing and bring out our best voices in praise to God. She continues to play for the Evening Women's class. We share the love of a good cup of coffee and try to share our news over a Starbucks between my trips to Africa.
Today I would like to tell you why Glenna is an example of genuine Christian love and hospitality. She and her dear husband opened their home for Brian's mother, when she was no longer able to live alone. She was with them for many years! It was in the order of 7 years I believe. This dear mother-in-law was so lovingly cared for by Glenna and the family. There have been times when I hear people complain about their lives and them I have no idea what some people endure on a daily basis.
So this week, Brian's dear mother went to be with JESUS. I thank the Lord for knowing this dear mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Although Mrs. Callihan could not remember many things, she seemed to be able to remember about her Savior and Lord. Glenna always emphasized the positive strengths of Mrs. Callihan. I loved her story of giving her a basket of towels to fold while Glenna went to work. In the evening after Mrs. Callihan had gone to bed, she would get another basketful of unfolded towels ready for the next day. It gave Mrs. Callihan a sense of participation in the household.
I have learned and will continue to learn a lot from Glenna about faithfulness, patience and loving kindness. She not only did what she could to look after Mrs. Callihan but she did it long and consistently. How often do we fail to complete a task or project that we have often have I? Today, I can assuredly say, that the Lord will be saying to Glenna and Brian...well done....good and faithful servants!!
I know what Glenna would say......It wasn't anything special.....she always points back to the Lord and says all that was done was for God's honor and glory. She does not want thanks for this work as she is looking for that reward in heaven that will truly satisfy.
Glenna will have the honor and privilege of playing the piano for Mrs. Callihan's funeral this week. Please pray for emotional strength and as the family say good-bye for a while. Please give Glenna a hug for me as I am here in Niger and miss not being with her to support her at this time. I know I can count on my Lexington, EW BSF sisters to give her loving support!

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  1. Thanks for the insight Maureen. Will give her a hug tonight. I knew she was amazing for her service and music but did not know the rest of the story. charlotte carty