Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday musings...

It was a challenging and busy day at the CURE hospital in Niger today. There were three surgeries and many dressing changes on the ward (Pavillion). It was very challenging to guide and instruct the nurses in some of these complex dressings. In my travels, I have seen many things. The sad cases are the burns. Although, during my time at the Royal Victoria hospital in Montreal, I often cared for burned patients in the SICU, I have not seen anything like this! How could parents allow such horrible burns to happen to babies that can't even walk or crawl? Of course such questions, after the fact,are merely my frustration...I pray that the parents would love and take care of the needs of their little ones. I pray that the loving care and compassion of CURE will demonstrate how much we love and value each dear little life. Indeed they are precious in Jesus'sight and one day by God's grace, each one will be made whole again. Yes, I'll be honest the suffering really got to me today! Even as I blog the tears won't stop! Yet my tears are nothing compared to those of my Lord Jesus, who cried over Jerusalem. Jesus felt deep compassion for the crowds as we are told in the I guess my tears are understood by Jesus. Now that I've shed the tears, am I sulking at God? Am I shaking a fist and accusing God of allowing suffering?
Actually, no! As a matter of fact, I am in awe of my great God and His mercy in bringing these dear little ones and their caregivers to a place where they can be lovingly cared for and have the best chance of healing. Thank you, Heavenly Father for building this Oasis in the desert...a place that supplies Living Water and the Bread of Life to nourish and sustain life.
Last night, a dear Canadian missionary spoke to us on Psalms 103. Nothing better could have prepared my mind and soul for today. Sure, the tears still come, but the Biblical, godly perspective was laid as a stabilizer...Isaiah 33:6 says it this way, He (the LORD) will be the sure foundation for your times....! Those of you reading this blog, I wonder what are your 'times' that need stabilizing by our Great God and Savior? Jesus knows and has experienced your emotions...He is truly our Brother in that regard. He is also our eternal high priest forever bringing our needs before the Father.
No wonder Psalms 103 concludes with:
Praise the LORD, all His creatures in all places He rules.
Praise the LORD, my soul!
It is as if the psalmist is telling himself to praise the LORD. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves...ok, I need to remind myself...praise you LORD!

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