Friday, April 8, 2011

CURE Niger-Friday April 8th

This is baby Salamatou. I may have misnamed her in a previous blog as baby Fatima.(oops!) This little girl is 2 years old and came to the CURE Hopital des enfants au Niger back in January. She was severely malnurished and had a cleft lip that gave her an unattractive appearance. Little Salamatou and her family were shunned at their village as people thought this was either a curse or a disease that was contageous. It was so sad that this little one did not receive much nourishment due to lack of ability to suck etc. Well, thanks to Dr. Negrini's 'plumping program' (named by me), this little one is no longer so little....after a couple of months of this program, Salamtou has doubled her weight and is now heavier than her 7 month old sister. Last week she had her surgery and is looking even more beautiful. Salamtou's parents are so thrilled and before they came to CURE they were discouraged, shunned and almost out of hope until they heard about this hospital.
Look at the joy on this dear papa's face! I have seen how he tenderly feeds and helps his wife with the little girls...which is not typical of the male culture here (and lots of places!) This father invited his brother to come visit to see what was going on with the family. Today, Pastor Hassane and I prayed with these two men. What is more surprising is that Pastor Hassane told me that the last few evenings the men come to ask questions about the Bible and pray. They asked if they could come after work hours so that they will not disturb or take time from other staff and patients. This reminds me of Nicodemus visiting Jesus at night.....oh that these men would be born again by the power of the Holy Spirit. Oh, that the saving love our our Lord Jesus Christ would be transported deep into Niger.
It is so delightful to be back in Niger. Am praying that my French will become more fluid and comfortable for daily conversation.
It is wonderful to see that the nurses are busy with patient care including many outpatient dressing changes. They are learning many new procedures and protocols as the hospital gets busier. I am praying for the Lord to bring many more patients to CURE Also, I am praying that this hospital would gain a reputation in the community for loving care given in the name of Jesus regardless of financial, ethnic or religious background.
It is great to spend these first fews days observing things. My time here is a short four weeks and I want to make the most of it in focused and prioritized activities.....I'll have time to think and plan over the weekend.

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