Monday, November 11, 2013

Precious Children at CURE Niger

This gal with me had her nose reconstructed after part of it was destroyed by infection..all smiles now even with arms splinted to prevent her touching the wound and reinfecting it. Love my babies! Please pray for them!

These three children were quite a team as they used their splinted arms to swat flies off each other...true cooperation!

Miss C with her splints to prevent poking at skin graft hidden under her head adorable! So many of our patients have been burned and require frequent surgery as they grow.

Ibrihim is about 11 years old and recently had his cleft lip repaired...upon discharge to the hostel, his mother dressed him in his 'Sunday suit'!! (Splints and all!)

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  1. They are Precious. You enjoy them. We are studying in Matthew 8 and Jesus touched the leper and healed him. What joy glows on your face as you bring love and healing to these little ones. May God use your touch to bring healing and love to everyone you touch.