Thursday, January 13, 2011

Compassion Child, Bududa and Nathan's Family Namutela

Wednesday was such an exciting and interesting day! After staff devotions of praise and worship, I went to Bududa to visit my Compassion child Agnes. The taxi driver is Rashid. His father was an important leader in the Moslem community in Mbale.
Rashid has been driving me in Uganda since 2007 or so. I have been faithfully sharing the gospel as the Lord gives opportunity. It is amazing to be able to share the love and grace of our Lord Jesus with him. He is very polite and so happy to see me each time. He obviously loves Children and is a great one to bring with the social worker on the visit. Please pray for his salvation!(and his family too)
We drove to the Compassion project and had 'breakfast'with Agnes then drove further up the mountain for the home visit. Pappa was proud to show me his new cow! I bought the family a live chicken. I thought it was for their supper but it will be kept alive for eggs, then breeding and finally dinner some months or years down the road. This chicken will add much to the family's economic stability.
Agnes proudly showed me her room and the sheets and blanket she got for Christmas. It is so good to see the financial integrity of this organization.
What a joy to listen to Agnes sing praises to God with her cousin Evelyn. We shared sodas and cookies and words of encouragement. I was asked to pray over the family before we left. Then many of the family, after photos, marched down the mountain with us. The drive down the mountain was beautiful!
Then we had lunch at the project site. After more photos, hugs and encouragements we were on our way back to Mbale.
I only had time for a quick change. Then Rashid stayed to pick us up to take Nathan an OR tech and me to Namutela.
Nathan and Lorna, his wife are salt of the earth people. They are so hospitable and welcoming! Once again,I enjoyed sweet fellowship with them and their dear children. Lorna always makes the best chapatis and other yummy stuff.
It was all too soon that the day had come to an end. The power went out so I called for my taxi. Soon enough I was in bed as one tired puppy!
More exciting stuff tomorrow.

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