Monday, January 17, 2011

If this is Monday, it must be Kenya

It has been an exciting few days! I have been traveling to and getting settled in Kijabe, Kenya. The view of the Rift Valley from the Poenaru's house is breath-taking. It is cool in the mornings and evenings. Dita and I are having great times catching up. How beautiful to be united as sisters in the Lord. We walked and talked for over an hour after work today. It was a lot of uphill climbing. I feel like I'm in training for our ski week! Dan is away for a few days at a remote Dita and I are enjoying lots of 'girlfriend' time together.
The Lord is challenging me to live thankfully without complaining...that's a tough one to learn! I am also challenged to trust rather than fret! These are life lessons that look tidy on paper but tricky to live out.
Tomorrow is a big teaching day so I'll continue more on Kijabe the next time!

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  1. Say hello to Dita for me . Enjoyed reading your blog postings . I am starting packing for a move in April- have been here on Grand Manan Island for over 7 years ,but our time here is almost at an end .