Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Joys at CURE Uganda

For many people Monday is the start of the work week and just the thought of Monday can bring a groan on Sunday evening. For me, I could not wait to join with the CURE staff for prayer time. What a delight to meet dear, precious nursing students from Bethel in Minnesota. What hope for the future of nursing as I observed their passion and dedication. Their observations are fresh and their enthusiasm and energy is infectious.
It was a brilliant day in many ways.
While Dr. Mugamba is away Dr. Peter is here. His lovely wife Lydia is a gem! She has trained in South Africa as a Pediatric nurse specialist. Even though she is on holiday, she is wanting to participate in the nursing department. We had a great time in the ICU discussing nursing challenges and joys. Elisha the nurse clinician teacher and assistant to Florence, the Matron; he kindly took us to the regional hospital to the Feeding Unit. This unit is established to provide nutritional support and education to children who are malnourished due to illness or poverty. CURE refers some surgical candidates to this unit as some are so undernourished that they pose a risk for anesthesia and surgery. It was so interesting what the beginning feeds are made from...milk, sugar, water, Blue Band (margarine) and a cocktail of vitamins. Sounds so yucky to me, especially the margarine part! The unit has dormitories for the child and caregiver to stay in. There are gardens for vegetables to add to the feeding program for those who are able to have solid food and feed the caregivers too. The nurses staffing the unit wore pretty pink uniforms with a little crown of lace perched on their heads. They were so gracious and kind in giving us a tour around. The unit feeds 20 or more children per day. They consume 5 liters of milk plus the other stuff mentioned earlier. When ideal weight gain has been achieved or the child is on the right growth pattern, they are discharged from the unit with packets of 'Plumpy Nut'....yes that is the name! It is a peanut butter type substance in a foil pouch. The purpose of the product is to plump up the child. I was wondering if I should bring some home for George (my precious grandson) who struggles sometimes with weight gain?
It was an exciting visit. Thank you to Elisha for taking Lydia, Sue (the nursing instructor) and me!
The rest of the day was spent doing this and that in the nursing department. At the end of the work day Moses drove me to town to deliver a parcel to Nada and Yussef from the Howards. What a joy to be the one delivering these gifts. I feel a bit like Santa Claus.
This morning my Bible reading was from Luke 12:22-31.
Once again I was reminded that God gives good gifts. It is He we are to trust for daily necessities of food and clothing. I see CURE as being the hands serving nourishment, surgical/medical care and compassion to those who enter the clinics and hospitals. It is a privilege to witness this first hand in Mbale. Most of all, I was reminded this morning that the Lord want His disciples to be concerned about God's kingdom..His rule and power for His honor/glory! Don't worry! Trust God!
I wish I could figure out how to post pictures on the blog. Perhaps tomorrow I will have access to a computer to download photos. Meawhile you will have to take my word that these dear children are so dear and desperate for Jesus'love to transform their lives!

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