Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 at CURE Niger-Meetings!

Well, after all the travel challenges, I arrived safe and sound in Niamey, Niger. It was a warm VIP greeting.... Not for me but the donors of the hospital were coming to visit and attend a church conference with their pastor. Somehow I got invited and whisked into this kind welcome. Every care was taken to greet us and handle the immigration and baggage. I sat charting with this dear pastor and his wife and before I knew it, I was on my way to the place where I was staying!
God showed me favor which was undeserved. It was so nice to get here and see everyone again.
My work is cut out for me...where does one begin? RELATIONSHIPS! I have had multiple meetings and greetings! It has been good to talk, reorient and pray with the dear staff.
There are several areas of responsibility. It is wonderful to have Angele from France who has come for a year. She will mentor the nurses. Together we are working on Nursing assessment, care plans and evaluation of care. we are seeing interesting cases and some cases that one would normally see only in medical textbooks. Indeed, how fearfully and wondrously we have been made.
Meetings with Angele were delightful as we have many common interests, the gospel and good nursing care. Other meeting have been necessary for discussions regarding physical and spiritual care standards. CURE has been so kind to give me freedom to meet, discuss and implement steps in developing nurses and patient care.
Meetings are about communication, relationships and encouragement. We all need affirmation and encouragement!
How many times is it easier to criticize than provide solution to the problems?
It is my desire to affirm, encourage and bless each CURE employee that I encounter. The challenges of working in Niger wear people down including the local folks. It is a joy and privilege to come and spread the joy of least I hope that's what I'm sharing!
This work is hard but empowered by God's love and Holy Spirit's power.
It is sunny and hot weather by USA standards. This morning the family I am staying with had an alarm clock failure which delayed everyone a bit. How lovely to worship a God who is always timely....not only that, He is the Lord of time and eternity so He is able to stretch my time to accomplish His plans and purposes. Psalm 94:19 has been a source of comfort in the many concerns during this trip! To God be all the glory!

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