Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in the USA!

GO Team Uganda 2010 leaving Mbale for Jinja then home!
"Don't cry because it is over...rather smile because it happened." (Dr. Seuss)  It is always with mixed feelings that I leave my beloved ones in Mbale, Uganda. My heart is linked to the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda and the staff. Each visit draws me closer to the mission and staff members. 
How grateful I am for the love and partnership with CURE International! 

How grateful I am for the GO Team members....each one was unique and brought their special gifts to our time together. 

Many of you following this blog are interested in the real know,  the pictures that say the thousands of words to describe our wonderful time in Uganda. (Please see the hundreds of pictures on a Shutterfly link )

Thank you for all your faithful prayers while we were away. But....please do not stop! Our journey is not really over. We now have the responsibility to assimilate what we have learned and experienced into our lives. How will we be changed? 

The GO Team Uganda 2010 is in the process of re-entering daily life in the USA. Some have already returned to work, school, home and ministry responsibilities......just like that!  As we prepared for our return we prayed that our lives would be transformed in our plans for the future and to stay engaged in the mission of CURE International.  We discussed various ways that we could share our experiences with others with church, community and family. We discussed ways that our team could continue to impact the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda.....praying, buying CURE crafts and anything that might help raise awareness and funds for the hospital. May God direct our plans to bring help to the children and to bring honor to Him.

As we return to the USA:
  • Please be patient with us if we seem "overboard" enthusiastic,  slightly depressed or sad.......we are trying to understand the things we have seen and heard. 
  • Please try to be patient if we seem 'spaced out'......our bodies have endured many miles of travel, many short nights of sleep, different food, different water and sensory overload everyday for the last 16 days or so!
The GO Team with the backdrop of beautiful Mount Elgon
  • Thank you for understanding if we can't quite put into words all that we have seen or done.....or if we talk your ear off until your eyes glaze over! It is all part of us getting the word out about CURE and the joyful, challenging and amazing experiences we enjoyed.   
  • Please help us to keep the stories alive by giving us an opportunity to share these with anyone who is willing to, community, family, work gatherings etc
  • remember is our picture gallery....please take a don't have to look at every single picture....try to find the ones with your loved one holding babies or in a random pose with a new friend...GO Team member or Ugandan!
  • If we suggest that we sell the house, its contents, the car and use the proceeds to sponsor surgeries in Mbale, will know that our hearts have been touched with the plight of the dear children and their caregivers! Help us to pray for wisdom and God's direction for stewardship of our time, talents, money and other resources....who knows?
  •  Meanwhile, help us to take the next logical step by faith.....nurture our spouses and family members, complete studies and commitments at work with excellence.....serve the Lord right where we are...and being available for His next assignment here or abroad! 
Thank you so much for the enthusiastic and encouraging comments! Look for the next blog to tell some stories about the people I enjoyed working with!!

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