Sunday, August 22, 2010

Serving together: Rick....last but not least!

Some one had to be last for my blogs on the CURE GO Team Uganda. Rick may be last but certainly not least. Rick's joining the GO Team was a great answer to prayer. I had been praying for someone to come from my area, specifically Lexington. It was such a delight to have Rick on the GO Team Uganda. Although I knew Rick over family dinners after church, it was so special to get to know him better through this journey.  Before we even left Lexington for Uganda, Rick had begun a journey of faith. I observed a wonderful transformation in his face and life even before we embarked on our first plane! Such a transformation cannot be accomplished by effort but by God's gracious intervention in our lives.
Rick bonding with baby!
From earlier blogs you can see all the help that Rick gave to our GO Team preparations. Rick was willing to do anything to be of assistance. He cut rope, singed rope, sorted get the picture. We bagged crafts, colored banners, packed....weighed bags...made lists and checked them twice. Through all this Rick was patient and most helpful.  He even traveled cheerfully with an 'old lady' like me. We had an adventure in Detroit after our first short flight. As we were trying to decide on a restaurant for lunch, a man overhearing our conversation invited us as his guests to the airport lounge. We were able to rest and enjoy the free refreshments in a peaceful atmosphere. The man gave us his card...he is the mayor of a town in Michigan! Go figure...God used this man to give Rick and me a calm start to our long journey.  Once we arrived in Mbale, Uganda, Rick was ready for whatever opportunities came his way! Rick spent time in the Lab at the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda, learning about various tropical diseases and how to cross-match blood for transfusions. Rick visited with the mothers and babies. Although a little reluctant at first, he got into holding the babies, much to the mothers' delight! African women get very excited when the men take an interest in caring for babies. It is still quite a novelty to see a dad get really involved with the little ones. Rick set a new standard!  I was thrilled to introduce Rick to Dr. John Mugamba the pediatric neurosurgeon at the hospital. Rick was very impressed at the kind welcome he received.

It must have been difficult for Rick to be on a GO Team with 9 women:) Well, you know..."Rick can you lift this?" "Rick can you help me do this or that?"  "Rick could you protect us on our walk?" He took it all in good humor. Of course the upside was all the attention he got from us.  He couldn't sneeze without several of us handing him a tissue, hand sanitizer and a cough drop!

Rick telling the Bible Story

Rick willingly helped with anything during the Mbarara clinic. He washed tons of dishes. He killed a chicken. He took a turn at the medical clinic. And to top it all off, Rick bravely told a Bible lesson....his first! The audience was very attentive and pleased that a young man from the USA would be willing to come and tell them Bible truths. To make this even more challenging, all the GO Team members had to speak through interpreters. That meant that each thought had to be stated in short phrases or sentences.  It was a challenge but Rick and the others learned quickly!

It was a joy to serve the Lord with Rick. I hope that in the future we may have the opportunity again. It will be very exciting to hear what is next in store for Rick for studies and career. Whatever it is, he will be great at it! This GO Team Uganda trip has changed us all.....for all eternity. Please check out the Shutterfly link.... for more great photos of Rick and the team!

  Thanks Rick for coming. Please don't be a stranger....we live in the same city!

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Every time I think of you I give thanks to my God. Philippians 1:2-3

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  1. Hi Maureen! I'm enjoying catching up on your adventures! :) -Stella