Monday, August 9, 2010


We are on the homeward journey.
Rick, Katherine, Kathryn, Megan, Lauren and Mandi set off bravely for white water rafting. Anna, Sam and Kasie are having their own adventures in Jinja. I have the honors of watching the luggage and valuables at Kingfisher Hotel. I gave my local phone to the girls in town so they have an emergency plan. So please don't worry about them. They are being taken to an American style cafe for brownies and ice cream. I shall be content to have fresh avocados and citrus dressing.

What can I say as the team leader at this end of the journey?
Thank you to each team member! What a joy to serve the LORD together! You have all used your gifts for assisting the mission of our host staff at CURE Mbale. We can say with confidence that the LORD is our strength and joy. I am so very proud of each one.

Thank you to all who supported financially, those who loaned clothing, those who donated time and goods. Most of all thank you for your prayers. The Lord protected us from harm and serious illness. Katherine Lean had to receive IV fluids for dehydration. It has been a learning curve for all of us to keep hydrated. We began to hold each other accountable to drink a minimum of 4 bottles of water. All are in fine form for the rafting!

We are changed people...I hope for all eternity. We desire to assimilate these experiences to further God's kingdom work especially in cooperation with CURE international.

We praise God for giving us Heather Hunter to organize the team from State side.
Thanks to Derek Johnson for his care and organization in Uganda.
Thanks to sweet Miriam Ongom and her Spiritual Life team for the privilege of being partners with you in the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you to all the CURE Mbale staff and Administration.
Thank you Dr. John Mugamba for his love and expertise in caring for these precious children.

We will be setting up a site so that you can view the hundreds of pictures we took! God bless! Truly we have done this work through the strength of Jesus Christ!
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  1. I am so ready for my wife to be home, but I am so glad that she got the opportunity to serve there in Uganda and help so many people. I am anxious to hear about all the wonderful things she has done there with the team and learn of all the experiences. I thank God for looking out for her and the rest of the team, and pray for the many people whose lives have been blessed by the work done there.

  2. Hi Maureen I am sure you are all ready to be home now, sounds like your work went well. I pray that your journey home will be safe and families reunited. We will be leaving for Maine on Thursday for a week. I understand we will be able to see Canada from where we are going. love and prayers charlotte