Friday, August 6, 2010

Our time at Mbarara.

How did we spend our days in Mbarara?
Our days began with breakfast, devotions and prayer at the guest house, where we are staying, at 5:30am. The CURE coaster (bus) picked us up at 6:15 for a short drive to the 'campus', the King of Kings Bible School.

Since school is on a break we were able to use these facilities. The mothers and babies and CURE staff slept on mats on the floor. Although the conditions were rustic, there was a joyful atmosphere as caregivers were treated to hot cooked meals, food for their stomachs and spiritual food for the soul. The GO team was involved with food preparation, washing dishes, nursing care and cleaning the site. But that's not all....we were so delighted to hold babies and help mothers get on the bus for the clinic.

The team divided in half on the clinic days. Half went to the clinic and the other stayed on campus.

Every clinic day half of the 'Mums' went to clinic appointments and half remained behind. The team members who went to the clinic helped weigh babies, measure head circumference and learned how to dispense medications. We listened to many stories of God's help through CURE to bring hope for these dear ones born with disabilities.
The team members that stayed on campus, prepared food and served lunch at both places. The GO team also played with the older children and played bubbles etc with younger ones.

At both locations there was a lot of cuddling of babies. It was a joy to affirm God's love and care for these special needs children. Some mothers were surprised that we would ' love up' on these dear ones. We tried to encourage the caregivers in every way possible. We taught Bible stories and songs. We are rejoicing with the angels as many Mums received Jesus Christ as their LORD and SAVIOR!

The sustainable craft was amazingly successful. The bags were so helpful to tote baby stuff around instead of the black plastic bags from the market. The caregivers and CURE givers made bags too....even the doctors! Thanks to my sister Ruth who master minded this craft. Ramona Maxwell, Joann Anderson, Ruth, Mandy, Anna and Rick helped in a huge way before we left the USA. All the GO team made bags and gave them as gifts for our new Ugandan friends. We will be teaching the sustainable craft to the Mums at the hospital tomorrow.

What did we do for entertainment?
The days were long at the Mbarara clinic and campus. The evenings were back at the guest house. We took our meals at the guest house some times by flashlight if the power went out. Well, we were easily amused, watching cameleon lizards catching bugs or observing a praying mantis. Go figure?! Naturally with the early start we went to bed early under our mosquito nets!

Surely, this journey would not be possible without your help. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT!

Please feel free to post your questions. We will try to answer them. We are on the homeward stretch. Please pray that we will finish strong and continue to bring honor to our great GOD!

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  1. Hi Maureen and team. It is such a joy to hear from you. I can hear the joy in your voice as I read what you all are doing. GOD is so good to bless you with such work. I cannot believe our good fortune to serve the Sovereign GOD. What a blessing to hear about your work and be able to talk with my Father and your Father. And to think that your team is working along with you and learning what you have gathered in your lifetime. I bet they are helping you in most amazing ways too. Our prayers are with you all. Love charlotte