Monday, August 2, 2010

Mbarara Bound

 We are leaving for Mbarara on the hospital coaster. We are packed full with everything including the kitchen sink! We are very excited and a little apprehensive. There are so many new experiences to assimilate. We have seen God at work in our lives in so many ways.

Mbarara is to the left of Kampala and Mbale to the right near Mt. Elgon Park.
Saturday was a super day enjoying God's beautiful creation at Sipi fall. Everyone except Maureen hiked. One of the highlights was a cultural dance display. We all joined in the fun bedecked with vines. Well almost all of us. Rick and Mandi took pictures and video. We learned that the festivities were for circumcision ceremonies! Oh dear! It was a learning experience. There is some video footage I am willing to pay big bucks to delete of me dancing. The guide said I was a great dancer. I learned it all from my daughter Marie!

We ate dinner at Lanmark Inn. It was Indian cuisine. Most of us enjoyed it. The others tried it and enjoyed the garlic Naan bread. We had a hilarious finish to the meal. It was suggested that we have tea. It was brought in the largest thermos imaginable. Sam was doing the honors of pouring the tea.... and then there was a major thermos fail. Tea was everywhere! We all laughed ourselves silly!!

I am sending this from Kathryn Hall's blackberry and the bus is bumpy so more later about our Sunday worship experiences. We are all pretty healthy...just a few aches, no sickness. Thanks for all your support and prayers. We are keen to get to Mbarara to serve the Lord, the mothers at the clinic and the camp site. Blessings!

(Map added by the "blog fairy") 

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  1. Thanks to the blog fairy for the map, helps put things in perspective.
    And I want to see those videos of the dancing, I might even pay big bucks.