Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day at Mbarara and Personal Greetings

Hi every one. We are exhausted, but elated after a thrilling day at the Mbarara clinic and campus. We enjoyed playing with the children, assisting with the mothers, learned how to dispense medications, and cook the Ugandan way over a fire. We had a great time sharing the good news of Jesus and three women received Jesus as their Savior! We also danced and sang praises to God. Later in the afternoon, men and women alike enjoyed the sustainable craft. The team finished the day on the terrace. Some had fried goat and chips. We're missing you all. Here's some messages from the team for you to enjoy...

I am loving africa but really missin my husband, puppy, and all my besties! Can't wait to see yall! This has been such a great experience for me! Love u nathan... Don't forget me at the airport! Ashley u better come to the airport and bring my mia...love ya!
--Love samantha george

Hi family! If you read this I'm loving it here and I'm learning so much! I love you all and I'm missing you too. See you at the airport in 7 days!!
--Love Anna

Hello all my pa groupies who miss me ever so much... Africa is treating me well and I am having a good time. Keep praying and I will see you in a week. Much love

My name is NOT Mzungu!!! They won't let me stay so I guess I'm coming home next week... :) Love and miss YA'LL!!!

I'm currently hanging out with nine wonderful women in an exotic African nation.....so I can't complain! Enjoying exploring my faith and helping others. I miss you and love you all more than you know!

I thought you might want to know I am eating goat in mbarara right now. Also I gained citizenship and found a comfy hut to live in with lauren and our seventeen adopted ugandan kids for after we get out of the peace corps. Sorry to break the news in a blog. Love yall to the moon and back! See you soon.

Soo, I've officially become a pharmacist here in Uganda... don't tell anyone back in the US! Haha, just kidding :) More stories later. I've been holding lots of babies and loving life here. Love and miss you all... See you soon!
P.S. Here's a special birthday shout out to Dad and Matthew since I won't be there :)

Ugandans are incredibly hospitable. Their smiles are as bright as the sun. Training moms at the clinic is great and the babies are little miracles. The land is remarkable and I have surely been innoculated with african blood that will draw me back again. Sending kisses thru the moon. See you soon! Xoxo.


  1. I definitely won't forget you dear! We miss you too. We are all so proud of you and can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories about your work being done there.

  2. Hi Kasie...You are deeply missed...every breath i take whispers prayers for you!!... NOT surprised your heart now beats to the sounds & rhythm of Africa and the beat goes on...Can't wait to hear of your adventures there...kissing you thru the moon...SHINE ON MY LOVE>>>Mom~Mycala

  3. Hi Mandi...so glad to hear that all is well and that God is working through your group to touch the lives of so many. We miss you and can't wait to hear what God has done! Love you! Mom

  4. Mandi- Thanks for the note! It's great to read about your experiences. Can't wait to hear about them all in person. Stay safe!