Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing Children at the Surgical Camp- CURE Niger

 Aren't these the most adorable children? It is amazing how well behaved they are considering many of them have left their villages and families to come to CURE Niger. Sentinelle and Smile Train are the two organizations who help support these surgeries. Many children have been many months without their parents preparing with the Sentinelle workers for their surgeries. Most of the crying we hear postoperatively is for food! These dear little ones can make quite a racket when they are hungry....and they seem so fearful that they will not get their milk, porridge, rice and sauce. Boy, they sure know how to clear their plates.....bless their hearts! I sang Sunday School Songs to them, especially those with actions. Pastor Hassane translated into the various languages for me as best as he could. There are so many language groups represented that often we have to find a housekeeper or guard who might know a specific language.  Thankfully, smiles, cuddles, balloons, bubbles, small toy cars are all translated into CARE and LOVE which transcend spoken words.
A gaggle of giggly children, all clamoring for a photo

This is one of my special darlings...his favorite pastime is playing with blocks and being totally naked.....his little chunky behind says.....pinch me! Isn't he gorgeous?
The social worker and I were surrounded by these darlings...a great photo opportunity but also an opportunity to pray and sing to them. After surgery the children need to have their arms splinted so they will not touch and infect the surgical site. The children are pretty good at adapting to this postoperative limitation for three weeks!
It is always fun to share pictures of time here in Niger. I realize that writing is not my strong point! However, so many of you who follow this blog want to know the daily routines and faces of those I have the joy of serving. So here a few pictures to remind  you that I am away at CURE and occupied with dear little children....this week with children born with cleft lips and pallets. Although the heat is extreme and the days long and hard, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than where the LORD has called me to serve.....when He calls...He I can say with confidence...Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through Him who gives me strength!

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