Monday, April 23, 2012

Surgical will be kids!

Upsy Daisy.....look what I can do, Mamma Maureen?

Amina is ready for the dressing change, always full of smiles!

Did you know you can use the walker like monkey bars?

I can even use it to walk on my two casts....I will have my clubfeet repaired before you know it!
One might think that surgery is all seriousness and no fun. At CURE we try to remember at all times that our patients are kids...they love to have fun...laughing and doing silly things. Laughter is good medicine, too!

This girl was always smiling and ready for a game!
Even though this little girl has a severe burn contracture deforming her hand, she has a jolly smile all the time!

Balloons have no language barrier!

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