Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea Time Nigerien Style

This is not Annie's tea! This is the chai that the men staying at the hostel make every morning. Although some of the men do not want to join the Pastoral visits....they are always glad of a visit and to share tea....a sign of hospitality and acceptance. I was very honored to be given this precious cup of tea!

It is the 'second' cup or pouring over the tea leaves....not as bitter as the first cup....there is some symbolic meaning to the second cup......I think it is something like joy or friendship?

I can't believe I am drinking this tea made with who knows what? It actually tastes quite nice and sweet....apparently each successive pouring is sweeter.

Thank you so  much for the tea! The men thought I was very brave to try it and laughed at me not knowing anything about their tea 'ceremony''s a learning curve visiting many different cultural groups! Pray that these 'baby steps' in developing friendships within the community of caregivers would be strengthened. Our Spiritual Directors Hassane and Josh are doing a tremendous job of keeping the dialogue going and sharing the scriptures on MP3 players for all who are interested.


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