Monday, April 2, 2012

What a wonderful time in Egypt!

Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo-Sunday Feb 19th after church

Monday Feb 20th Lenten Services at a Coptic Church-women on one side, men on the other!

Arabic the beginning God created---read from right to left-opening the opposite way to English Bible

Grandma on a camel called KFC "Kentucky Fried Camel" the owner said

Classic pyramid picture....they are massive!

Sphinx is very cool!

Old too!

Nursing team in Manouf...only a couple actually have any official nursing training

Harpur Hospital in Sadat City

A darling girl who just spontaneously threw her ams around me!

It was such a delight to visit the land of Pharaohs, pyramids and sphinx!
We took a half day to sight-see, but we really put our shoulders into the work in several locations in and around Cairo.
We ate Egyptian food including stuffed pigeon (surprisingly yummy!) and couchery (a rice, pasta, lentil, friend onion above) This chef at the Evangelical Hospital made this especially for me....feel the love!
I was so privileged to visit many hospitals. Our hosts were most helpful and hospitable. Have never felt so cared for.....! Many people asked me if I was going to Egypt in light of the demonstrations and upheaval, how could I not go? We live in such security and freedom. Our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world think nothing of risking it all to love God and serve people. How could I rest at home when the call to share with the members of Christian Nurses Fellowship.? So grateful to Dr. Nabil Jabbour for organizing this journey. He has called this the Barnabas Project. Barnabas means son of encouragement. That was our goal to serve Egyptian doctors and nurses and encourage them through education, mentoring and other resources. It was so inspiring. I cannot wait to go back.
The Lord has poured His love in my heart for Muslim women and nurses. What a joy to share the Christian Worldview of Nursing care! It is different from other worldviews.....Christian nurse are to serve with Biblical perspective, values and Christ's character.....PVC or CVP whatever way helps you to remember :)
Please pray for me as I aim to know Christ more deeply and make Him known wherever I am called to serve.

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